Just a few of our friends that we’ve helped along the way. Help us help you and reach our goal of helping 1,000,000 people move more with less pain

“Sam knows the science and literature behind movement and physical therapy cold — but what really sets his guidance apart is his empathy, his ability to meet you where you are, and his earnest desire to craft a movement and training plan that is catered to you and will truly help you improve. Sam worked with me to address a series of nagging physical issues and to improve my cycling performance. He developed a manageable, efficient movement therapy program for me and I’ve already seen improvement. I can’t recommend Sam and his Move Better Project enough!”

Alex M

“Sam is an excellent resource. As someone who’s been through a few injuries and bouts of Physical Therapy, I’ve never had anyone as good as Sam. He’s really knowledgeable with everything about the body, how it moves, and how the parts work together as a system. He’s got a great stockpile of information and really brilliant at teaching exercise and stretch movements. Also, Sam is a great demonstrator when it comes to actually showing you how to move while painting the mental picture in your mind for creating awareness of each small part of your movement while describing what the body should be feeling when you place parts of it under correct amounts of stress or pressure. I would definitely recommend working with Sam.”

Rob O

“Sam is a super committed champion of people’s health and mobility. He’s got an encyclopedia of anatomical information that he wants you to benefit from, via his videos and 1-on-1 consults. I’m a big fan of the exercise and strength training add-ins he gave me as well. Our meeting was a catalyst for me to re-examine my back and core health, and I’ve started regularly doing most of the stretches he taught me with positive effects. Thanks doc!”

Richard F