Movement Coaching

Work directly with Dr. Sam Martin, DPT. After an initial consultation, Dr. Sam will design a personalized program that includes strength, mobility, and stretching exercises.


This  Includes
30-minute movement assessment with Dr. Sam
Personalized 3-month program
Access to our Slack for direct access to mbp team

Shoulder Program

Our inaugural program! As you go through our program, we will teach you to identify your weaknesses, problem areas, and what needs to be loosened and/or strengthened.


This  Includes
Improve range of motion, stability, and strength
Learn what causes symptoms to arise
3-month program

IT Band Program

IT (iliotibial) band syndrome is an overuse injury that presents as pain on the outside of the knee. IT band syndrome is the most common source of lateral knee pain for runners. Like other common injuries affecting athletes, IT band syndrome is considered an overuse injury.


This  Includes
6-week program
Resolve pain symptoms, correct strength and mobility imbalances, retrain functional movement
Access to our Slack for direct access to mbp team

The Move Better Team has been trusted and lucky enough to work with some of the best athletes in the world.